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epi24GmbH®是一家德國公司,開發和生產創新的生活方式產品。 我們的國際工程師和設計師團隊與醫生和健康專家密切合作。 我們的產品為創新技術、人體工程學設計和優質品質定義了新標準。Womanizer 致力於設計色情和健康領域的創新產品。 創始人擁有40年的研發經驗。 他擁有50項國際專利和註冊設計,涉及各個行業,特別是醫療領域。 他同時與專業醫生和工程師密切合作,以提高產品的安全性。

The epi24 GmbH ® is a German company that develops and produces innovative lifestyle products. Our international team of engineers and designers closely collaborates with physicians and wellness experts. Our products define new standards for innovative technologies, ergonomic design and premium quality. Womanizer is committed to the design of innovative products in the erotic and wellness sector. The founder has 40 years of experiences in research and development. He has owned 50 international patents and registered designs in various industries especially in medical sector. He has worked closely with professional doctors and engineers to enhance the safety of the product.


We-Vibe 致力於設計和製造世界領先的情侶和獨奏振動器。 我們世界一流的工程師和工業設計師與性健康專家、醫生等密切合作,開發與人體同步的私密產品。 我們使用最先進的技術和工具來確保我們的產品為人體工程學設計和高性能設定新的行業標準,同時保持環保和身體安全。We-Vibe 來自標準創新®,一家致力於塑造性健康和健康未來的加拿大公司。

We-Vibe designs and manufactures world-leading couples and solo vibrators. Our world-class engineers and industrial designers work closely with sexual wellness experts, doctors and consumers to design and develop intimate products that work in sync with the human body. We use state-of-the-art techniques and tools to make sure our products set new industry standards for ergonomic design and high performance while remaining eco‑friendly and body-safe. We-Vibe is from Standard Innovation®, a Canadian company dedicated to shape the future of sexual health and wellness.



Elvie是一個健康和生活方式品牌,旨在為女性開發更智能的技術。 我們的創新產品支持並適合所有年齡段的女性。 Elvie Trainer,是一個屢獲殊榮的產品,擁有超過1,000名健康專業人士的推薦。 Elvie Pump 則是世界上第一款靜音可穿戴式的吸乳器。它改變了女性在工作,家中或是旅途中的泵送方式。

Elvie is a health and lifestyle brand which aims to develop smarter technology for women. Its’ innovative products support and empower women of all ages. Elvie Trainer, is an award-winning Kegel trainer with more than 1,000 health professionals recommendation and is sold with the likes of John Lewis, Selfridges, Amazon and Nordstrom. While Elvie Pump, is the world’s first silent wearable breast pump, changing the way women pump whenever they are at work, home or on-the-go.


Nail Me建立在一個簡單的想法上: 分享快樂。2009年,創始人Sandra Chow在尖沙咀海防路開設了第一家美甲店,她在那裡開始創造典型的美甲沙龍體驗。10年後,Nail Me已擴展至香港(灣仔,奧海城和太古城)的四個分店,並通過定期的工作坊和活動保持強大的存在。 我們的座右銘是 「滋養我。 培養我」。我們以在乾淨舒適的環境中提供最高水平的服務而自豪; 每個顧客都會感到放縱,放鬆和美麗。 我們希望我們的熱情,奉獻精神和專業精神能夠體現在我們的工作中,當人們想到指甲時,他們會想到美甲。

Nail Me was built on one simple idea; the sharing of happiness. In 2009, founder Sandra Chow opened the first Nail Me on Hai Phong Road in Tsim Sha Tsui and it was there that her quest to create the quintessential nail salon experience began. 10 years later, Nail Me has expanded to four branches across Hong Kong (Wan Chai, Olympian City and Tai Koo Shing) and maintains a strong presence thanks to regular pop ups, workshops and events. Our motto “Nourish Me. Nurture Me.” drives everything we do. We pride ourselves in providing the highest level of service in a clean and comfortable environment; one where every customer leaves feeling pampered, relaxed and beautiful. We hope that our passion, dedication and professionalism is shown in our work and that when people think of nails, they think of Nail Me.


Dose是一家位於中環卑利街的溫馨餐廳。 我們希望讓您能夠在輕鬆的氛圍中享用美食。 我們相信美食、咖啡、音樂和建築就是這間餐廳的靈魂。

Dose is a cozy and intimate restaurant located at Peel Street, Central. The ambience will easily made you to enjoy a meal in a relaxing mood. All day dining, coffee, music and architecture will make Dose.

在 Jean 和 Jane與眾不同的美妝概念引領下,Benefit Cosmetics 於1976年創立。Benefit相信「笑對人生」及「偽妝到底」的快樂哲學。我們相信能創造美麗人生,而美麗就是「活在當下,不易言棄」。即使未能一舉成行,補個唇膏,性感魅力能讓你無往而不利。雖然凡事沒有最好,那我們便做到更好吧。我們相信「微笑是最佳的化妝品」!

In 1976, the Ford twins created a unique San Francisco beauty boutique with a whimsical candy store atmosphere. The shop grew famous for delivering quick fixes for every gal’s peskiest beauty dilemmas, and with a “double” dose of wackiness mixed with know-how, the twins successfully built Benefit Cosmetics into a global beauty brand. In 1999, the brand was acquired by LVMH and was catapulted into a global beauty presence.


VANS創立於1966年,以「Be The Original」保持原創精神,致力推廣各種極限運動、塗鴉、音樂與藝術文化。我們開始將這種生活態度融入各種極限運動、音樂、藝術中, 所以Vans透過贊助大規模賽事,如:輪滑界大獎賽Triple Crown of Skateboarding、 音樂界大事Warped全美巡迴音樂會等。Vans將持續進步,並追求與其他品牌截然不同的獨創性,並且不斷的在新一代的設計師及下一代輪滑玩家中得到靈感,推出高品質的商品。

Founded in 1966, VANS maintains its original spirit “Be The Original” and is dedicated to promote extreme sports, graffiti, music and art culture. We wish to integrate this attitude into life so Vans sponsored large-scale events such as the Triple Crown of Skateboarding. Vans will continue to advance and pursue originality, inspirations to launch high-quality goods.


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「大杯茶」是您在香港釀製和裝瓶的康普茶。 我們使用有機中國茶和有機原料蔗糖小批量手工製作康普茶。 在初始發酵1至2週後,添加冷榨果汁,新鮮香料和草藥,以創造有趣和獨特的口道供消費者享用。

Taboocha is your local Kombucha brewed and bottled in Hong Kong. We handcrafts its kombucha in small batches, using organic Chinese tea and organic raw cane sugar. Upon initial fermentation of 1 to 2 weeks, cold pressed juices, fresh spices and herbs are added to create fun and unique flavor blends.


當聯合創始人兼連續創業者Jane Gottschalk在香港找不到包裝好的椰子水時,他與四名椰子水愛好者看到市場上缺乏優質時尚品牌椰子水,決定成立自己的品牌。Jax Coco於2012年在香港和倫敦推出,將最好的椰子與時尚,簡約的設計結合在一起。 Jax Coco現在更在全球各地的精品店中銷售。

When co-founder and serial entrepreneur, Jane Gottschalk, couldn’t find packaged coconut water in Hong Kong, four coconut water devotees, each with the letters J, A or X in their name, took matters into their own hands. Seeing a gap in the market for a premium, stylish brand of coconut water, Jax Coco launched in Hong Kong and London in 2012 uniting the best coconuts with chic, minimalist design. Jax Coco is also available in fine establishments around the world.


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CNEX 為一非營利性質的民間文創組織,由兩岸三地熱愛紀錄片的人士組成,目前由北京國際交流協會、臺灣蔣見美教授文教基金會、香港 CNEX 基金會共同推動。以開展文化資源、培育文化創意人才、促進華人社會和諧進步與華人文化的可持續性發展為願景,期望透過紀實文藝促進國際社會與華人的文化交流。並在大變遷的全球化時代,提供華人新一代紀實創作者及其文藝作品的創作與交流平臺,幫助更多的專業人士以影音和文字的形式留下華人社會發展的生態軌跡。

CNEX is the short form of “Chinese Next” and “See Next”. It’s a non-profit foundation devoted to the production and promotion of documentaries of the Chinese people. CNEX strives to facilitate cultural exchange between Chinese and the rest of the world through supporting documentaries depicting contemporary Chinese – people of Chinese ethnicity, their living and their society.



Led by founder and chairman Mr Johnnie TO, Fresh Wave Film Festival Limited proactively develops resources and channels to assist emerging filmmakers, striving towards a more dynamic local film industry. Fresh Wave also continues to explore into the areas of film criticism, outreach and cultural exchange, building a conducive environment for filmmaking and appreciation through retrospectives, school screenings and talk events. The Filmmaker in Focus Series was launched in 2017 to screen films directed by the filmmaker in focus accompanied by a series of post-screening talks and seminars. By sharing their insights in creative filmmaking process, appreciation and research findings filmmakers, scholars/practitioners in the film industry and/or multidisciplinary artists discuss and generate a broader and more comprehensive discourse in the art of filmmaking, so as to stimulate imagination and further explore possibilities of the art form.


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IXII 是一家獨立的製作服務公司,致力為國際和本地製作提供便利的服務。 我們很樂意為預算緊張的製作人提供協助。 我們也在積極尋找有才華的電影製作人,並可以提供經濟上的支持,同時提供專業建議,如預算和從短片到故事片的知識等等。

IXII is an independent production services company that facilitates international and local productions. We are happy to facilitate those who are in tight budgets. IXII is also actively seeking for talented filmmakers and can support their visions financially whilst providing professional advice such as budgeting and our knowledge from short to feature films.

「Storyteller 說故事」是一個鼓勵大眾創作和想像的說故事平台,希望以圖畫說故事,以故事看世界。我們連結不同風格獨特的插畫師及文字創作人,創作各類插畫故事。平台由Alice Lee 慢靈魂創立的 Storyteller 說故事工作室所營運,旨在推廣創作及協助世界各地的創作人包括插畫師、作家、動畫師等增加曝光率及工作機會。除了創作自家內容,也歡迎大家投稿你的故事或畫作,我們將會盡快跟進並定期刊登被選的投稿作品,讓更多人的故事或創作得以曝光。

“Storyteller” is a platform that encourages Hong Kong people’s creation and imagination. We hope to tell stories with pictures and see the world with stories. We also connect different styles of unique illustrators and text creators to create a variety of illustration stories. The platform, created by Alice Lee’s, is designed to promote the creation and assist creators around the world, including illustrators, writers, animators, etc to increase their exposure and job opportunities. In addition to create your own content, you are welcome to contribute your story or painting. We will follow up and publish the selected submissions as soon as possible, allowing more people’s stories or creations can be exposed.


Women In Work 是現代自主女性的交流平台,我們的內容覆蓋專題訪問、職埸文化,化妝美容以至所有品味生活資訊。WIW 相信不論是什麼外型、年齡與背景的女生,只要她們專注在一件事情上,就是她們最吸引的時刻。

Women in Work is a ultimate guide for independent women. We provide the latest information covering monthly interviews, business and insider stories, fashion, beauty and lifestyle topics. We believe that when a woman works , it is the moment she shines.


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Basics for Basics 是一個以香港為基礎的道德時尚品牌。 從一開始,我們希望確保產品的製作細心嚴謹,並確保商品得到正確的對待。 在服裝方面,我們主要關注的是通過主要使用某些面料,例如有機棉和其他可持續材料來尋找降低碳足蹟的最佳解決方案。 Basics for Basics 不僅是一個品牌,也是一個社區。 為了推動社會變得更美好,我們認為大家有責任開始與大自然共同生活並減少碳足跡。

Basics for Basics is an ethical fashion brand based in Hong Kong which operates online. Start from the beginning, we want to ensure that the products are made with care and that the goods are treated in the right way. When it comes to our garments, our main focus is to find the best solution in lowering our carbon footprint by mainly using surplus fabrics, organic cotton and other sustainable materials. Basics for Basics is not only a brand but also a community. In order to push forward the movement of making the society a better place, Basics for Basics believes that it is our duty to start living in conjunction with nature and to reduce carbon footprints.


Yourdailymuse 是香港本地的手工皂坊。 我們致力於使用天然精油創造環保工匠肥皂,呵護您的身體以及靈魂。 所有肥皂都是在香港小批量手工製作的,以確保手工皂的高質素。

Yourdailymuse is a Hong Kong handmade soap workshop. We are dedicated to create environmental-friendly artisan soaps using natural essetial oils that pampers your body and your soul. All soaps are made in small batch by hand in Hong Kong with love.


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On Air Collective 是集企業家精神和好奇心的技術愛好者所創立的機構。我們是一個致力於幫助品牌向前發展並實現目標的體驗營銷和創意機構。 通過創建原創的跨學科活動來實現這一目標,這些活動使品牌更切實、生動,有效地為消費者服務,並通過建立可靠的業務發展戰略為成功奠定基礎。 透過利用消費者研究和市場趨勢的見解,以及參與多元化的創意思維社區,我們幫助公司以360度的方式建立真實的品牌文化。 我們還在傳統和數字空間中創建內容,希望以有意義的方式連接品牌和消費者。

An entrepreneurial spirit and a curious mindset are what unites the strategists, visionaries, creatives and technophiles here at On Air Collective, an experiential marketing and creative agency dedicated to helping brands leap forward and achieve their goals. We accomplish this by creating original, cross-discipline campaigns that make brands tangible, vivid and valid to consumers, and by building solid business development strategies that lays the foundation to success. By leveraging on insights from consumer researches and market trends, and on our involvement with a diverse community of creative minds, we help companies build an authentic brand culture with a 360-degree approach. We also create content in traditional and digital spaces to connect brands and consumers in meaningful ways.


由 Karen See 和 Sharn Bedi 所創立的{embrace}囊括了她們個人和專業的知識,以及利用神經科學、情商和積極心理學等作為研究原則。由於曾在一家廣告公司一起工作過,她們組成了一個專屬於兩人紐帶,指導和幫助彼此。 Karen和Sharn擁有超過45年的工作經驗,她們吸收了亞洲女性的個人經歷,以及在全球範圍內工作的專業經驗,建立了一個能夠讓人們創造和慶祝幸福的社區。

Established by Karen See and Sharn Bedi, {embrace} worldwide encapsulates their own personal and professional leadership journeys, along with studied principles backed by neuroscience, emotional intelligence and positive psychology. Having worked at an advertising agency together — ambitious career women they formed a personal alliance and bond — coaching, mentoring and sponsoring each other in what can truly be called a (mad) man’s world. With more than 45 years of work experience between them, Karen and Sharn draw on personal experience as Asian women, and professional success (and failures) working at a Global capacity, to build a community that empowers and enables people to create and celebrate their happiness, confidence and success every day.


由巴黎姊妹花 Elsa 和 Johanna 創立的法國奢侈皮具品牌ZOOBEETLE Paris以她們對藝術和旅行的熱愛為靈感,將她們的夢灌注於品牌中一系列既時尚又著重高級工藝的配飾。皮具系列由妹妹Elsa設計,姊姊Johanna則負責品牌策劃。品牌堅持沿用最高質素的意大利皮革,並體現出巴黎美學 — 不費力的時尚、實用。ZOOBEETLE Paris 的繆斯是優雅的巴黎人;是一個專為獨立、自由、勇於冒險的女人而設的品牌。

ZOOBEETLE Paris is a French luxury Maison specializing in exquisite leather goods. Founded by Parisian sisters, Elsa and Johanna Lepeu, ZOOBEETLE Paris is the realization of a dream to create a stylish and beautifully-crafted collection of accessories influenced by their love of art and travel. The collection is designed by the younger sister, Elsa and developed by Johanna. The line embodies Parisian aesthetics – effortlessly chic, functional and made with the highest quality of Italian leathers. ZOOBEETLE Paris muse is la Parisienne and is made for independent, free spirit women, seeking for adventure.


Madame Quad 由 Karl Luna 和 Pain Goodall創立,他們都是HK Roller Derby的選手。 我們熱衷於四輪溜冰鞋的生活,並分享自己的經驗。 Madame Quad是香港第一家四輪滑雪商場。 它體現了創立者所擁有的滑冰的喜悅和激情。 我們願意與任何喜愛傾聽的人分享我們對滑冰的熱愛! 很高興能有一個令人驚嘆的空間,讓我們可以為你提升您在香港的滑冰體驗。

Madame Quad was founded by Karl Luna and Pain Goodall, both residents skaters for HK Roller Derby. We are passionate about living life on quad skates and sharing own experiences. Madame Quad is the first quad skate emporium in Hong Kong. It embodies the joy and passion of skating that her co-owners have. Together we are embarking on a journey to share our love of skating with anyone who will listen! We are excited to have an amazing space where we can provide you with vital services to enhance your skating experience in Hong Kong.


Attagirl 是一間生產新鮮擠壓麵食的大批發供應店。 我們生產各種形狀,並使用不同的有機麵粉,例如黑麥、蕎麥和全麥。 我們亦嘗試加入獨特的成分,如蝦籽、海藻粉和熏制的硬粒小麥。 Attagirl麵食包括了新鮮和乾燥的食物。 透過長期與餐廳合作,如Belon、Arcane和Neighbourhood,我們希望令大家對有機麵粉的了解能夠加深。

Attagirl is an Independent Hong Kong based producer of artisan, small batch, fresh extruded pasta. We produce a variety of shapes and use different ranges of organic flour such as rye, buckwheat, and whole wheat. They experiment with unique ingredients such as shrimp roe, seaweed powder, and smoked durum. Attagirl pastas are available in both fresh and dried food. We have partnered with Hong Kong based restaurants such as Belon, Arcane and Neighborhood.


FinKAB是一個兒童理財知識共享平台,旨在教育孩子和家長理財的三大範疇理財知識,理財態度及理財行為。兩位八十後投行出身,深感從小培養正確理財觀的重要性,因而成立兒童理財教育平台向家長分享教授兒童理財心得,更兼任理財義工導師,定期走到社區舉辦親子理財體驗工作坊,宣揚理財教育應由家庭出發的理念。同時,FinKAB也是以下4家媒體的專欄作家:香港01、親子王國 Baby Kingdom、easyPama 和香港媽咪幫 MamiBuy。

FinKAB is a Financial Literacy Sharing Platform aiming at educating kids and parents 3 key aspects in Financial Knowledge, Financial Attitude and Financial Behaviours. After working in investment bank, the two founders were deeply impressed by the importance of fostering a correct financial management concept. Therefore, we set up a platform for children’s financial education to share with their parents the wisdom of teaching children and they served as financial advisors. We also regularly went to the community to hold a parent-child financial experience workshops. The idea of promoting financial education should be based on family. At the same time, FinKAB is also a columnist for the following four media: Hong Kong 01, parent-child kingdom Baby Kingdom, easyPama and Hong Kong mommy MamiBuy.


「好夠薑」由一班執著於食物選材、踐行綠色生活和支持本地生產的女子組成。我們發現尋找高質素日曬薑片和薑粉並不容易,因此決定自行研發製造。我們深信只要「夠薑」,以心機和手藝配合本地鮮採靚薑定能造出自己滿意的「好夠薑」產品。 現時產品的製作大部份工序在荔枝窩村完成,期望創造在地種植、在地加工的永續社區經濟。

“Very Ginger” consists of a group of women who are obsessed with food selection, practice green living and support local production. We found that it was not easy to find high-quality sun-dried ginger and ginger powder, thus we decided to develop it ourselves. We are convinced that as long as we are dare to produce, we will be able to create our own “high-quality ginger” products with our heart and craftsmanship. At present, most of the production of the products is completed in Lai Chi Wo Village, and it is expected to create a sustainable community economy that is planted and processed locally.


Mindful Movement 是由 Suetyi、Fion 和 Delia發起的。 我們的使命是將這項具有數千年歷史的運動發揚光大以及傳播給那些生活在節奏快的現代人。我們相信每個人都需要在生活當中找回一絲平靜。 冥想是一種心理練習,可以幫助我們專注於睡眠,應對壓力和焦慮;同時對我們所遇到的人有更多的同情和理解。

Mindful Movement was started by Suetyi, Fion and Delia. Our mission is to spread the benefits of this thousands-of-years-old practice to modern people who live in the fast-paced and constantly-connected lifestyle, which we all need some regular calm and quiet from. Meditation is a mental practice that helps us focus on sleep and deal with stress and anxiety while having more compassion and understanding for the people we come across with.

Insight Counseling 是由 Cherrie,一名顧問所創立的。 她相信,通過發展對自己更深刻的洞察力以及與我們自身內心的聯繫,我們可以做出讓我們能夠過上充實、繁榮和有意義的生活的決定。 我們非常理解每個人生活在復雜、多元文化社會中所面臨的挑戰,並致力於成為客戶作為自我發現過程的合作夥伴。

Insight Counselling was founded by Cherrie, who is a certified counsellor. She believes that through developing greater insight about oneself and connection to our inner wisdom, we are empowered to make decisions that enable us to live full, flourishing and meaningful lives. She is well attuned to the psychological and wellbeing challenges faced by individuals living in complex multicultural societies and believes in working alongside clients as partners on their process of self-discovery.



An Inclusive Drag event, using Drag as the empowering Art to share Words, Emotions, and Talents.Presenting you a theme night with a variety of showacts.

​HK Makeup Artist Academy 是一個希望成為亞洲化妝藝術家焦點的國際團隊。 透過舉辦由創意總監,Karen Yiu和其他國際藝術家主持的研討會,我們將向您介紹更豐富的化妝技術及其無限的可能性。 HK Makeup Artist Academy是我們聚集在一起學習、分享和改進經典技術、最新趨勢和所有尖端技術的地方。 我們將共同探索和激發創造生活藝術。

HK Makeup Artist Academy is a international team and their vision is to be the focal point for Makeup Artists in Asia. Through holding different workshops led by Creative Director, Karen Yiu and other visiting international artists, we will introduce you to a broader vision of Makeup and its boundless possibilities. HK Makeup Artist Academy is a place where we can gather to learn, share, and improve classic techniques, the latest trends and all cutting-edge technologies. Together, we will explore and inspire the creation of living art.



Yu Yat Tong Chinese Medicine Clinic provides comprehensive and professional Chinese medicine services for gynaecology, pediatrics, internal medicine and dermatology. We also provide services such as acupuncture, cupping and other treatments. By working in a safe and effective way, we aim to provide patients with high-quality and reliable outpatient services.



Hong Kong Federation of Women’s Centres is a non-partisan and non-religious women’s group which was founded in 1981. We are committed to promote gender equality and strive for women’s rights. By combining services, education and initiatives and then organize volunteer networks regularly, women could receive appropriate support and assistance. Our mission is to assist women develop and promote self-confidence, autonomy and self-reliance. We aim to establish a gender-equal society so that women can break traditional gender stereotypes and live out themselves.


2010年初春,一群參與保衛菜園村運動的青年成立生活館,希望通過成為積極的生產者,從而有改善生活、改變社會的可能。八年下來,我們堅持生產時令有機蔬菜,近年,生活館成員相繼成為父母,泥土、農業、食物、教育不再是抽象的「概念」,而是生活館社群必需思考的任務——讓下一代對土地和環境有更多關懷,好奇有愛地成長,這就是生活 Kids Club的起源。生活館相信,回歸自然能重拾人類的本能。在大自然環境中遊戲,使孩子的體格鍛練丶創造力丶意志力、觀察力、道德價值觀、美感等,都能夠綜合地發展。同樣重要的是,能讓孩子明白到,他們的成長和發展是有賴於多元而充滿生命力的生態。

In the early 2010, a group of young people who participated in the campaign to defend vegetable gardens set up a living museum, hoping to become an active producer and improve their lives and change society. In the past eight years, we have been insisting on the production of seasonal organic vegetables. We believe soil, agriculture, food, and education are no longer abstract “concepts”, but tasks that must be considered by the community. The next generation should have more care for land and the environment and remaining curious and loving. This is the origin of the life Kids Club. Life Museum believes that returning to nature can restore human instinct. Through playing in the natural environment, children’s physical fitness, creativity, willpower, observation, moral values etc. can be comprehensively developed. Equally important, it allows children to understand that their growth and development depend on a diverse and vital ecology.

The Garden Gathering 是一個平台令大家能夠關注心靈、和諧以及統一。我們希望透過聚集不同的婦女和兒童去廣泛分享生活中的智慧。最重要的是去感思、慶祝社會所培養出的我們。

The Garden Gathering is a celebration of Spirit, Harmony, and Oneness. Women and children gather from the far east and wide sharing in wisdom to inspire medicine of mother earth, art, song, ceremony, dance, yoga &meditation, food & farming, heritage, healing, and above all to celebrate community to nurture our nature.