【Sold Out】澱粉質女孩:手工意粉工作坊
I Love Carbs: Hand-made Pasta Workshop
Loki LI (Attagirl)
Loki LI (Attagirl)
Founder & chef of Attagirl

Aug 24, 2019 星期六 Saturday
11:00am - 1:00pm
香港九龍彌敦道 380 號逸東酒店 2 樓
Level 2, Eaton HK, 380 Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong
English & Cantonese 英文及廣東話
早鳥 Early Bird: HK$80
正價 Regular: HK$100
即場價 At door: HK$120
大愛票 Community*: HK$80
* 「大愛」門票適用於本港全日制學生、60歲或以上的新中年人士及不同能力人士,須於進場時出示相關證件以供核對。
* “Community Ticket” is available for full-time Hong Kong students, “new” middle-age citizens (60 or above), and people with different abilities. Valid forms of identification should be presented at the entrance to the event venue for checking.

2/3 創辦人介紹番呢個節目
Founder's event intro in Cantonese:

attagirl 是香港一家小型的意粉製造工房,專門生產小批量的手製意大利麵。通過在港新鮮製造高質素的手工意大利麵,我們希望提高消費者對於麵食的要求,並把高質素的麵食普及化。

在本節工作坊中,廚師及 Attagirl 創辦人 Loki 將示範如何運用兩種麵團—雞蛋麵團和粗麵粉—製作意大利麵。參加者將分為兩組實習,並將麵食帶回家,記得自備食物盒啊!


attagirl is an Independent Hong Kong based producer of artisan, small batch, fresh extruded pasta. We are dedicated to redefining the standard of consumer pasta by making specialty pasta accessible to everyone.

In this workshop, Loki, chef and founder of attagirl will demonstrate how to make two different pasta type: egg dough and semolina. Attendees will be in teams of two split into two different groups. One group will make the semolina and the other will make egg dough pasta.

Attendees will be able to take the pasta home, so please bring your own container!

This workshop is designed for those who enjoy good food and good life. Let’s CARBS together!


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  • 已售門票不設退款。
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  • 申請人請注意自己的身體狀況,並考慮是否適宜參加相關的活動。如有疑問,請徵詢醫生的意見。
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  • 八號或以上熱帶氣旋警告信號:正在進行的活動會繼續; 若活動開始前兩小時內將會懸掛信號或信號已經生效,未舉行的活動即告取消。如活動取消,可能會改期進行,或參加者可選擇安排退款。
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Terms and notes:
  • Participants please arrive 15 minutes before event start time.
  • Sold tickets cannot be refunded.
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  • Applicants should be aware of their health condition, and consider whether it is suitable for them to enrol in the activity. In case of doubt, please consult a doctor prior to the enrolment of activity.
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【Sold Out】澱粉質女孩:手工意粉工作坊
I Love Carbs: Hand-made Pasta Workshop